04 May 2011

Q:Are we not engineers?

A:We are developers.

Worst Post Ever

When I originally wrote this post I was trying to poke fun at a couple of posts that I thought were pretty lame, I have since come to the conclusion that my resulting post came out pretty bad, terrible in fact.

I also feel that within the original post was a kernel of a good idea that was bogged down by the rest of it, so I have rewritten this post using just the good parts.

Another unfortunate consequence of this post is that a Russian guy translated it and used it on his blog and linked back to it.  Due to the nature of the Page Rank Algorithm it made this post one the top results for Googling my name, as a result people interested in me were being directed to my worst post. This effectively became my Google problem.

The rewritten version is here.

If you are interested in the original post you can find the Russian version here, it’s pretty awesomely bad if you translate it, parts of it are quite funny actually.

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